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Forensic Services

Dr. Parmar has fellowship training in Forensic Psychiatry and takes selected private cases on both civil (child custody, parental rights, adoption) and criminal (Evaluation of sanity, competency assessment, fitness to proceed, judicial waiver certification, criminal responsibility, abuse, witness reliability) issues pertaining to children, adolescent, and adults. Please call or email us to get more information on this.

Children/ Adolescents

Child custody evaluation
Parenting assessments in Abuse, Neglect, and Permanent Wardship cases
Fitness to adopt
Child witness reliability
Assessment of children for suspected sexual abuse
Violence (Including school/ mass shooting) risk assessment

Juvenile waiver to adult court (Juvenile Certification)
Competency to waive Miranda Rights
Competency to stand trial evaluation (Juvenile Fitness to Proceed)
Criminal Responsibility and Insanity Defense Evaluation
Juvenile violence risk assessment
Aggravating/ Mitigating factors evolutions



Independent Medical Examination (IMEs)
Medical/ Psychiatric Malpractice
Fitness for duty
Violence Risk Assessment
Disability evaluation
Psychological injury/ harm evaluation


Independent Medical Examination (IMEs)
Competency to stand trial evaluation
Sanity Evaluation (For NGRI Plea)
Violence Risk Assessment
Aggravating/ Mitigating factors evaluation
Sex-offender Evaluation