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Autism services offered in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Rockwall, TX

Do you or a loved one struggle in social situations or have awkward behavior patterns? If so, autism spectrum disorder may be the cause. At Axial Psychiatric Services in Rockwall, Texas, Ankit Parmar, MD, and the team offer treatments that reduce the autism symptoms to improve the quality of life in patients struggling with this mental health disorder. Call the office to schedule an evaluation or use the online booking feature today.

What is autism?

Autism is a mental health condition that is diagnosed in up to one in 44 children. It affects behaviors in social situations, appearing awkward or abnormal compared with the behaviors of peers. The severity of autism ranges from mild and not very noticeable to severe and crippling. 

The psychiatric specialists at Axial Psychiatric Services have years of experience diagnosing and treating patients with autism.

What are the symptoms of autism?

The symptoms of autism include:

  • Monotone or robotic voice
  • Poor eye contact
  • Being socially awkward
  • Having few or no friends
  • Head banging
  • Repeating words or phrases
  • Hand flapping
  • Repetitive movements
  • Preferring to be alone
  • Sensitivity to loud sounds, certain textures, or bright lights
  • Lack of emotion
  • The desire to avoid physical contact

Though there’s no cure for autism, many people learn to lead productive, fulfilling lives with the proper treatment.

Who gets autism?

The cause of autism isn’t known, but possible risk factors include:

  • Being a boy
  • Family history of autism
  • Older maternal or paternal ages
  • Genetic conditions
  • Being born prematurely

Boys are about four times more likely to have autism than girls. The signs of autism are usually obvious during childhood, and many cases are diagnosed after age two. 

How does my provider diagnose autism?

Your Axial Psychiatric Services provider may diagnose autism after speaking with you or a loved one, completing a psychiatric evaluation, and asking questions about mood, behavior patterns, and social interactions. 

They also offer genetic testing to find medicines that are most suitable for your condition or your child’s. Your psychiatrist then tailors a treatment plan to minimize autism symptoms. 

What are the common treatments for autism?

The most common treatments for autism include psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), social skills therapy, speech therapy, educational therapy, and other forms of therapy. 

Your Axial Psychiatric Services provider might recommend individual, family, and group counseling. They provide medication management if you or a loved one struggles with other mental health conditions in addition to autism (such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder). 

To find out if you or your child has autism, call the Axial Psychiatric Services office or use the online booking feature today.

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